Running unique training experiences for Britain’s aspiring gymnasts

As Britain’s best ever female gymnast, Beth Tweddle has become an iconic figure in the sport. Sports Sphere is proud to have worked closely with her in the development of ‘Beth Tweddle Gymnastic Camps’. We are responsible for, and rights holder to, the fifteen camps being held across some of the best gymnastics facilities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These camps have been developed for any aspiring gymnast aged 6 to 16, giving them a unique opportunity to meet and train with Beth and her team of handpicked coaches. The camps aim to to help young gymnasts grow in confidence and feel motivated to try something new in a fun setting with an inspirational teacher.

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"The day was excellent. The coaches were great. There was a good balance of time on each apparatus and with Beth herself. All the girls had such fun and got some useful training tips and many happy memories were made!”